Definitions for: Investiture

[n] the ceremony of installing a new monarch

Webster (1913) Definition: In*ves"ti*ture (?; 135), n. [LL. investitura: cf.
F. investiture.]
1. The act or ceremony of investing, or the of being
invested, as with an office; a giving possession; also,
the right of so investing.

He had refused to yield up to the pope the
investiture of bishops. --Sir W.

2. (Feudal Law) Livery of seizin.

The grant of land or a feud was perfected by the
ceremony o? corporal investiture, or open delivery
of possession. --Blackstone.

3. That with which anyone is invested or clothed; investment;
clothing; covering.

While we yet have on Our gross investiture of mortal
weeds. --Trench.

Synonyms: coronation, enthronement, enthronisation, enthronization

See Also: induction, initiation, installation

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