Definitions for: Interloper

[n] someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission

Webster (1913) Definition: In"ter*lo`per (?; 277), n. [Pref. inter- + D.
looper a runner, fr. loopen to run; akin to E. leap. See
Leap, and cf. Elope.]
One who interlopes; one who interlopes; one who unlawfully
intrudes upon a property, a station, or an office; one who
interferes wrongfully or officiously.

The untrained man, . . . the interloper as to the
professions. --I. Taylor.

Synonyms: intruder, trespasser

See Also: alien, boarder, crasher, encroacher, entrant, gatecrasher, infiltrator, invader, penetrator, persona non grata, prowler, pusher, sneak, squatter, stalker, stranger, thruster, unknown, unwelcome guest, unwelcome person

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