Definitions for: Interact

[v] act together or towards others or with others; "He should interact more with his colleagues"

Webster (1913) Definition: In`ter*act", n. [Pref. inter- + act. Cf.
A short act or piece between others, as in a play; an
interlude; hence, intermediate employment or time.

In`ter*act", v. i.
To act upon each other; as, two agents mutually interact.
--Emerson. Tyndall.

See Also: act, affiliate, assemble, associate, assort, collude, combine, communicate, condescend, connect, consort, conspire, control, do by, foregather, forgather, gather, get in touch, handle, have, intercommunicate, interfere, interpose, intervene, invite, keep in line, manipulate, marginalise, marginalize, meet, move, patronise, patronize, pay for, philander, reach out, relate, socialise, socialize, step in, touch base, transact, treat, womanise, womanize

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