Definitions for: Intemperance

[n] immoderate indulgence of bodily appetites
[n] consumption of alcoholic drinks
[n] the quality of being intemperate

Webster (1913) Definition: In*tem"per*ance, n. [F. intemp['e]rance, L.
intemperantia. See In- not, and Temperance.]
1. The act of becoming, or state of being, intemperate;
excess in any kind of action or indulgence; any immoderate
indulgence of the appetites or passions.

God is in every creature; be cruel toward none,
neither abuse any by intemperance. --Jer. Taylor.

Some, as thou sawest, by violent stroke shall die,
By fire, flood, famine, by intemperance more In
meats and drinks. --Milton.

2. Specifically: Habitual or excessive indulgence in
alcoholic liquors.

Synonyms: intemperateness, self-indulgence

Antonyms: moderation, temperance

See Also: boozing, crapulence, dissipation, dissolution, drink, drinking, drunkenness, gluttony, jag, licentiousness, profligacy, unrestraint, vice

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