Definitions for: Insecurity

[n] the anxiety you experience when you feel vulnerable and insecure
[n] the state of being subject to danger or injury

Webster (1913) Definition: In`se*cu"ri*ty, n.; pl. Insecurities. [Pref. in-
not + security : cf. LL. insecuritas, F. insecurite.]
1. The condition or quality of being insecure; want of
safety; danger; hazard; as, the insecurity of a building
liable to fire; insecurity of a debt.

2. The state of feeling insecure; uncertainty; want of

With what insecurity of truth we ascribe effects . .
. unto arbitrary calculations. --Sir T.

A time of insecurity, when interests of all sorts
become objects of speculation. --Burke.

Antonyms: security

See Also: anxiety, danger, insecureness

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