Definitions for: Inoculate

[v] impregnate with the virus or germ of a disease in order to render immune
[v] insert a bud for propagation
[v] perfomr vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation; "We vaccinate against scarlet fever"; "The nurse vaccinated the children in the school"
[v] introduce a micro-organism into
[v] introduce an idea or attitude into the mind of; "My teachers inoculated me with their beliefs"

Webster (1913) Definition: In*oc"u*late, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Inoculated; p.
pr. & vb. n. Inoculating,.] [L. inoculatus, p. p. of
inoculare to ingraft; pref. in- in,on + oculare to furnish
with eyes, fr. oculus an eye, also, a bud. See Ocular.]
1. To bud; to insert, or graft, as the bud of a tree or plant
in another tree or plant.

2. To insert a foreign bud into; as, to inoculate a tree.

3. (Med.) To communicate a disease to ( a person ) by
inserting infectious matter in the skin or flesh; as, to
inoculate a person with the virus of smallpox,rabies, etc.
See Vaccinate.

4. Fig.: To introduce into the mind; -- used especially of
harmful ideas or principles; to imbue; as, to inoculate
one with treason or infidelity.

In*oc"u*late, v. i.
1. To graft by inserting buds.

2. To communicate disease by inoculation.

Synonyms: immunise, immunize, vaccinate

See Also: enclose, impregnate, inclose, inform, inject, insert, introduce, propagate, put in, seed, shoot, stick in

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