Definitions for: Injured

[adj] usually used of physical or mental injury to persons; "injured soldiers"; "injured feelings"
[adj] subjected to an injustice; "the aggrieved party"

Synonyms: abraded, aggrieved, battle-scarred, bit, bitten, black-and-blue, blistered, bruised, burned, contused, contusioned, cut, disabled, disjointed, dislocated, eviscerate, gashed, harmed, hors de combat, hurt, lacerate, lacerated, livid, maimed, mangled, mutilated, out of action, raw, scraped, separated, skinned, slashed, slit, split, stabbed, stung, swelling, torn, wounded

Antonyms: uninjured

See Also: broken, damaged, impaired, unsound, wronged

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