Definitions for: Indelicacy

[n] an impolite act or expression
[n] the trait of being indelicate and offensive

Webster (1913) Definition: In*del"i*ca*cy, n.; pl. Indelicacies. [From
The quality of being indelicate; want of delicacy, or of a
nice sense of, or regard for, purity, propriety, or
refinement in manners, language, etc.; rudeness; coarseness;
also, that which is offensive to refined taste or purity of

The indelicacy of English comedy. --Blair.

Your papers would be chargeable with worse than
indelicacy; they would be immoral. --Addison.

See Also: discourtesy, gaminess, improperness, impropriety, offence, offense, offensive activity, raciness, ribaldry, spiciness

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