Definitions for: Incumbency

[n] the office of an incumbent
[n] a duty that is incumbent upon you
[n] the term during which some position is held

Webster (1913) Definition: In*cum"ben*cy, n.; pl. Incumbencies. [From
1. The state of being incumbent; a lying or resting on

2. That which is physically incumbent; that which lies as a
burden; a weight. --Evelyn.

3. That which is morally incumbent, or is imposed, as a rule,
a duty, obligation, or responsibility. ``The incumbencies
of a family.'' --Donne.

4. The state of holding a benefice; the full possession and
exercise of any office.

These fines are only to be paid to the bishop during
his incumbency. --Swift.

Synonyms: tenure, term of office

See Also: administration, berth, duty, obligation, office, place, position, post, presidency, presidential term, responsibility, situation, spot, term

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