Definitions for: Iliac

[adj] (anatomy) of or relating to the ilium

Webster (1913) Definition: Il"i*ac, a. [L. Iliacus, Gr. ?. See Iliad.]
Pertaining to ancient Ilium, or Troy. --Gladstone.

Il"i*ac, a. [Cf. F. iliaque. See Ileum, and cf. Jade
a stone.]
1. (Anat.) Pertaining to, or in the region of, the ilium, or
dorsal bone of the pelvis; as, the iliac artery. [Written
also ileac.]

2. See Ileac, 1. [R.]

Iliac crest, the upper margin of the ilium.

Iliac passion. See Ileus.

Iliac region, a region of the abdomen, on either side of
the hypogastric regions, and below the lumbar regions.

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