Definitions for: Ideology

[n] imaginary or visionary theorization
[n] an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation

Webster (1913) Definition: I`de*ol"o*gy, n. [Ideo- + -logy: cf. F.
1. The science of ideas. --Stewart.

2. (Metaph.) A theory of the origin of ideas which derives
them exclusively from sensation.

Note: By a double blunder in philosophy and Greek,
id['e]ologie . . . has in France become the name
peculiarly distinctive of that philosophy of mind which
exclusively derives our knowledge from sensation. --Sir
W. Hamilton.

Synonyms: political orientation, political theory

See Also: absolutism, anarchism, autocracy, collectivism, communism, conservatism, conservativism, constitutionalism, democracy, dovishness, elitism, extremism, fascism, federalism, hawkishness, imperialism, liberalism, libertarianism, meritocracy, moderatism, monarchism, Negritude, orientation, progressivism, radicalism, reactionism, republicanism, social democracy, socialism, theocracy, theorisation, theorization, totalism, totalitarianism, Utopianism

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