Definitions for: Ideogram

[n] a graphic character used in ideography

Webster (1913) Definition: I*de"o*gram, n. [Ideo- + -gram; cf. F. id['e]ograme.]
1. An original, pictorial element of writing; a kind of
hieroglyph expressing no sound, but only an idea.

Ideograms may be defined to be pictures intended to
represent either things or thoughts. --I. Taylor

You might even have a history without language
written or spoken, by means of ideograms and
gesture. --J. Peile.

2. A symbol used for convenience, or for abbreviation; as, 1,
2, 3, +, -, ?, $, ?, etc.

3. A phonetic symbol; a letter.

Synonyms: ideograph

See Also: character, grapheme, graphic symbol, logogram, logograph, radical

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