Definitions for: Hunt

[n] the pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport
[n] the work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts
[n] the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone
[n] an instance of searching for something; "the hunt for submarines"
[n] an association of huntsmen who hunt for sport
[n] British writer who defended the romanticism of Keats and Shelley (1784-1859)
[n] United States architect (1827-1895)
[n] English Pre-Raphaelite painter (1827-1910)
[v] pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals); "Goering often hunted wild boars in Poland"; "The dogs are running deer"; "The Duke hunted in these woods"
[v] search (an area) for prey; "The King used to hunt these forests"
[v] seek, search for; "She hunted for her reading glasses but was unable to locate them"
[v] "The oscillator hunts about the correct frequency"
[v] pursue or chase relentlessly; "The hunters traced the deer into the woods"
[v] yaw back and forth about a flight path (as of airplanes and rockets)
[v] chase away, with as with force; "They hunted the the unwanted immigrants out of the neighborhood"

Webster (1913) Definition: Hunt, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Hunted; p. pr. & vb. n.
Hunting.] [AS. huntian to hunt; cf. hentan to follow,
pursue, Goth. hin?an (in comp.) to seize. [root]36. Cf.
1. To search for or follow after, as game or wild animals; to
chase; to pursue for the purpose of catching or killing;
to follow with dogs or guns for sport or exercise; as, to
hunt a deer.

Like a dog, he hunts in dreams. --Tennyson.

2. To search diligently after; to seek; to pursue; to follow;
-- often with out or up; as, to hunt up the facts; to hunt
out evidence.

Evil shall hunt the violent man to overthrow him.
--Ps. cxl. 11.

3. To drive; to chase; -- with down, from, away, etc.; as, to
hunt down a criminal; he was hunted from the parish.

4. To use or manage in the chase, as hounds.

He hunts a pack of dogs. --Addison.

5. To use or traverse in pursuit of game; as, he hunts the
woods, or the country.

Hunt, v. i.
1. To follow the chase; to go out in pursuit of game; to
course with hounds.

Esau went to the field to hunt for venison. --Gen.
xxvii. 5.

2. To seek; to pursue; to search; -- with for or after.

He after honor hunts, I after love. --Shak.

To hunt counter, to trace the scent backward in hunting, as
a hound to go back on one's steps. [Obs.] --Shak.

Hunt, n.
1. The act or practice of chasing wild animals; chase;
pursuit; search.

The hunt is up; the morn is bright and gray. --Shak.

2. The game secured in the hunt. [Obs.] --Shak.

3. A pack of hounds. [Obs.]

4. An association of huntsmen.

5. A district of country hunted over.

Every landowner within the hunt. --London

Hunt, v. i.
1. (Mach.) To be in a state of instability of movement or
forced oscillation, as a governor which has a large
movement of the balls for small change of load, an
arc-lamp clutch mechanism which moves rapidly up and down
with variations of current, or the like; also, to seesaw,
as a pair of alternators working in parallel.

2. (Change Ringing) To shift up and down in order regularly.

Hunt, v. t. (Change Ringing)
To move or shift the order of (a bell) in a regular course of

Synonyms: Holman Hunt, hound, hunt club, hunt down, hunting, James Henry Leigh Hunt, Leigh Hunt, Richard Morris Hunt, run, search, trace, track down, William Holman Hunt

See Also: activity, ambush, architect, author, battue, beagling, birdnesting, bloodsport, capture, catch, chase, chase after, club, course, coursing, deer hunt, deer hunting, designer, dog, drive, drive out, duck hunting, ducking, exploration, falcon, ferret, ferret, field sport, forage, forage, foraging, force out, fowl, fox hunting, foxhunt, foxhunt, frisk, frisking, gild, go after, guild, hawk, jack, jacklight, labor, labour, lodge, look, look for, looking, looking for, manhunt, order, oscillate, outdoor sport, pigsticking, poach, predation, Pre-Raphaelite, quest, rabbit, ransacking, rouse, rout out, rummage, scouring, scrounge, seal, search, search, search, seek, seeking, snipe, society, stalk, stalking, still hunt, still-hunt, tag, tail, toil, track, trail, tree, turtle, vibrate, whale, writer, yaw

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