Definitions for: Housewife

[n] a wife who who manages a household while her husband earns the family income

Webster (1913) Definition: House"wife`, n. [House + wife. Cf. Hussy.]
1. The wife of a householder; the mistress of a family; the
female head of a household. --Shak.

He a good husband, a good housewife she. --Dryden.

2. (Usually pronounced ?.) [See Hussy, in this sense.] A
little case or bag for materials used in sewing, and for
other articles of female work; -- called also hussy.
[Written also huswife.] --P. Skelton.

3. A hussy. [R.] [Usually written huswife.] --Shak.

Sailor's housewife, a ditty-bag.

House"wife`, Housewive House"wive`, v. t.
To manage with skill and economy, as a housewife or other
female manager; to economize.

Conferred those moneys on the nuns, which since they
have well housewived. --Fuller.

Synonyms: homemaker, lady of the house, woman of the house

See Also: married woman, wife

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