Definitions for: Hornpipe

[n] a British solo dance performed by sailors
[n] an ancient (now obsolete) single-reed woodwind; usually made of bone
[n] music for dancing the hornpipe

Webster (1913) Definition: Horn"pipe`, n. (Mus.)
(a) An instrument of music formerly popular in Wales,
consisting of a wooden pipe, with holes at intervals. It
was so called because the bell at the open end was
sometimes made of horn.
(b) A lively tune played on a hornpipe, for dancing; a tune
adapted for such playing.

Many a hornpipe he tuned to his Phyllis. --Sir W.
(c) A dance performed, usually by one person, to such a tune,
and popular among sailors.

Synonyms: pibgorn, stockhorn

See Also: ballroom music, dance music, danceroom music, folk dance, folk dancing, single-reed instrument, single-reed woodwind

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