Definitions for: Hold On

[v] be persistent, refuse to stop; "he persisted to call me every night"; "The child persisted and kept asking questions"
[v] stop and wait, as if awaiting further instructions or developments; "Hold on a moment!"; "We broke at noon"
[v] hold the phone line open; "Please hang on while I get your folder"
[v] hold firmly
[v] retain possession of; "Can I keep my old stuffed animals?"; "She kept her maiden name after she married"

Synonyms: break, grasp, grip, hang in, hang on, hang on, hold the line, keep, persevere, persist, stop

Antonyms: lose

See Also: ask for it, ask for trouble, await, bear on, call, call up, carry on, carry over, clasp, cling, continue, deduct, deny, expect, follow, hang, harbor, harbour, have, have got, hive away, hold, hold, hold back, hold over, interrupt, keep back, lay in, look, obstinate, phone, plug, plug away, preserve, preserve, put in, recoup, refuse, reserve, retain, ring, salt away, stack away, stash away, stick to, stick with, store, take hold, telephone, uphold, wait, withhold

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