Definitions for: Hilarity

[n] great merriment

Webster (1913) Definition: Hi*lar"i*ty (?; 277), n. [L. hilaritas: cf. F.
hilarit['e]. See Hilarious.]
Boisterous mirth; merriment; jollity. --Goldsmith.

Note: Hilarity differs from joy: the latter, excited by good
news or prosperity, is an affection of the mind; the
former, produced by social pleasure, drinking, etc.,
which rouse the animal spirits, is more demonstrative.

Syn: Glee; cheerfulness; mirth; merriment; gayety;
joyousness; exhilaration; joviality; jollity.

Synonyms: glee, gleefulness, mirth, mirthfulness

See Also: gaiety, merriment

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