Definitions for: Hemorrhage

[n] flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessels
[v] lose blood from one's body

Webster (1913) Definition: Hem"or*rhage, n. [L. haemorrhagia, Gr.
a"imorragi`a; a"i^ma blood + "rhgny`nai to break, burst: cf.
F. h['e]morragie, h['e]morrhagie.] (Med.)
Any discharge of blood from the blood vessels.

Note: The blood circulates in a system of closed tubes, the
rupture of which gives rise to hemorrhage.

Synonyms: bleed, bleeding, haemorrhage, shed blood

See Also: blood extravasation, cerebral hemorrhage, discharge, eject, epistaxis, expel, flow, haemorrhagic stroke, harm, hemorrhagic stroke, hurt, hyphema, injury, menstruate, metrorrhagia, nosebleed, release, trauma, ulemorrhagia

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