Definitions for: Haeckel

[n] German biologist and philosopher; advocated Darwinism and formulated the theory of recapitulation; was an exponent of materialistic monism (1834-1919)

Webster (1913) Definition: 2. A genus consisting of an primate (P. erectus) apparently
intermediate between man and the existing anthropoid apes,
known from bones of a single individual found in Java
(hence called Java man) in 1891-92. These bones include
a thigh bone of the human type, two molar teeth
intermediate between those of man and the anthropoids, and
the calvaria of the skull, indicating a brain capacity of
about 900 cubic centimeters, and resembling in form that
of the Neanderthal man. Also [pl. -thropi], an animal of
this genus. -- Pith`e*can"thrope, n. --
Pith`e*can"thro*poid, a.

Synonyms: Ernst Heinrich Haeckel

See Also: biologist, life scientist, philosopher

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