Definitions for: Guacharo

[n] nocturnal fruit-eating bird of South America that has fatty young yielding an oil that is used instead of butter

Webster (1913) Definition: Gua*cha"ro, n. [Cf. Sp. gu['a]charo sickly,
dropsical, guacharaca a sort of bird.] (Zo["o]l.)
A nocturnal bird of South America and Trinidad ({Steatornis
Caripensis}, or S. steatornis); -- called also oilbird.

Note: It resembles the goatsuckers and nighthawks, but feeds
on fruits, and nests in caverns. A pure oil, used in
place of butter, is extracted from the young by the

Synonyms: oilbird, Steatornis caripensis

See Also: caprimulgiform bird, genus Steatornis, Steatornis

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