Definitions for: Graph

[n] a drawing illustrating the relations between certain quantities plotted with reference to a set of axes
[v] represent by means of a graph
[v] plot upon a graph

Webster (1913) Definition: -graph (-gr[.a]f) [From Gr. gra`fein to write. See
Graphic.] A suffix signifying something written, a writing;
also, a writer; as autograph, crystograph, telegraph,
photograph. Graphic Graph"ic (gr[a^]f"[i^]k), Graphical

Graph, n. [See -graph.] (Math.)
1. A curve or surface, the locus of a point whose
co["o]rdinates are the variables in the equation of the

2. A diagram symbolizing a system of interrelations by spots,
all distinguishable from one another and some connected by
lines of the same kind.

Synonyms: graphical record

See Also: ballistocardiogram, cardiogram, characterisic function, characteristic curve, curve, diagram, ECG, EEG, EKG, electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electroretinogram, encephalogram, exponential curve, illustration, interpret, Laffer curve, myogram, pattern, plot, radiation diagram, radiation pattern, represent, tachogram

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