Definitions for: Gob

[n] informal terms for the mouth
[n] (British) a lump of slimey stuff; "a gob of phlegm"
[n] a man who serves as a sailor

Webster (1913) Definition: Gob (g[o^]b), n. [Cf. Goaf.] (Mining)
Same as Goaf.

Gob, n. [OF. gob morsel; cf. F. gobe, gobbe, a poisoned
morsel, poison ball, gobet a piece swallowed, gober to
swallow greedily and without tasting; cf. Gael. & Ir. gob
mouth, snout, W. gwp a bird's head and neck. Cf. Gobble,
Job, n.]
1. A little mass or collection; a small quantity; a mouthful.
[Low] --L'Estrange.

2. The mouth. [Prov. Eng.or Low] --Wright.

Synonyms: cakehole, hole, Jack, Jack-tar, mariner, maw, old salt, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, tar, trap, yap

See Also: able seaman, able-bodied seaman, ball, bargee, bargeman, boatswain, bo's'n, bos'n, bosun, bo'sun, chunk, clod, clump, crewman, deckhand, glob, helmsman, lighterman, lump, mouth, officer, oral cavity, oral fissure, pilot, rima oris, roustabout, sailor, sea lawyer, ship's officer, steerer, steersman, whaler

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