Definitions for: Glow

[n] an appearance of reflected light
[n] light from nonthermal sources
[n] a feeling of considerable warmth; "the glow of new love"; "a glow of regret"
[n] the amount of electromagnetic radiation leaving or arriving at a point on a surface
[n] the phenomenon of light emission by a body as its temperature is raised
[n] an alert and refreshed state
[v] experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion; "She was beaming with joy"; "Her face radiated with happiness"
[v] be exuberant or high-spirited; "Make the people's hearts glow"
[v] emit a steady even light without flames; "The fireflies were glowing and flying about in the garden"
[v] esp. of the complexion: show a strong bright color, such as red or pink; "Her face glowed when she came out of the sauna"
[v] shine intensely, as if with heat; "The coals were glowing in the dark"; "The candles were burning"

Webster (1913) Definition: Glow (gl[=o]), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Glowed (gl[=o]d); p.
pr. & vb. n. Glowing.] [AS. gl[=o]wan; akin to D. gloeijen,
OHG. gluoen, G. gl["u]hen, Icel. gl[=o]a, Dan. gloende
glowing. [root]94. Cf. Gloom.]
1. To shine with an intense or white heat; to give forth
vivid light and heat; to be incandescent.

Glows in the stars, and blossoms in the trees.

2. To exhibit a strong, bright color; to be brilliant, as if
with heat; to be bright or red with heat or animation,
with blushes, etc.

Clad in a gown that glows with Tyrian rays.

And glow with shame of your proceedings. --Shak.

3. To feel hot; to have a burning sensation, as of the skin,
from friction, exercise, etc.; to burn.

Did not his temples glow In the same sultry winds
and acrching heats? --Addison.

The cord slides swiftly through his glowing hands.

4. To feel the heat of passion; to be animated, as by intense
love, zeal, anger, etc.; to rage, as passior; as, the
heart glows with love, zeal, or patriotism.

With pride it mounts, and with revenge it glows.

Burns with one love, with one resentment glows.

Glow, v. t.
To make hot; to flush. [Poetic]

Fans, whose wind did seem To glow the delicate cheeks
which they did cool. --Shak.

Glow, n.
1. White or red heat; incandscence.

2. Brightness or warmth of color; redness; a rosy flush; as,
the glow of health in the cheeks.

3. Intense excitement or earnestness; vehemence or heat of
passion; ardor.

The red glow of scorn. --Shak.

4. Heat of body; a sensation of warmth, as that produced by
exercise, etc.

Synonyms: beam, beam, burn, freshness, gleam, gleaming, glowing, incandescence, lambency, luminescence, radiance, radiate, shine, shine

See Also: appear, aureole, beam, brightness, brightness level, corona, effulgence, emit light, experience, feel, feeling, fluoresce, good health, gutter, healthiness, light, light, look, luminance, luminosity, luminousness, radiance, radiancy, radiate, refulgence, refulgency, seem, shine, shine, visible light, visible radiation

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