Definitions for: Gambol

[n] gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement; "it was all done in play"; "their frolic in the surf threatened to become ugly"
[v] play boisterously; "The children frolicked in the garden"; "the gamboling lambs in the meadows"; "The toddlers romped in the palyroom"

Webster (1913) Definition: Gam"bol (g[a^]m"b[o^]l), n. [OE. gambolde, gambaulde,
F. gambade, gambol, fr. It. gambata kick, fr. L. gamba leg,
akin to F. jambe, OF. also, gambe, fr. L. gamba, hoof or
perh. joint: cf. Gr. kamph` a binding, winding, W., Ir. &
Gael. cam crooked; perh. akin to E. chamber: cf.F. gambiller
to kick about. Cf. Jamb, n., Gammon ham, Gambadoes.]
A skipping or leaping about in frolic; a hop; a sportive
prank. --Dryden.

Gam"bol v. i. [imp. & p. p. Gamboled, or Gambolled;
p. pr. & vb. n. Gamboling or Gambolling.]
To dance and skip about in sport; to frisk; to skip; to play
in frolic, like boys or lambs.

Synonyms: caper, cavort, disport, frisk, frolic, frolic, lark, lark about, play, rollick, romp, romp, run around, skylark, sport

See Also: coquetry, dalliance, diversion, flirt, flirtation, flirting, folly, foolery, horseplay, indulgence, play, recreation, teasing, tomfoolery, toying, word play

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