Definitions for: Fuller

[n] a workman who fulls (cleans and thickens) freshly woven cloth for a living
[n] United States architect who invented the geodesic dome (1895-1983)

Webster (1913) Definition: Full"er, n. [AS. fullere, fr. L. fullo. See Full, v.
One whose occupation is to full cloth.

Fuller's earth, a variety of clay, used in scouring and
cleansing cloth, to imbibe grease.

Fuller's herb (Bot.), the soapwort ({Saponaria
officinalis}), formerly used to remove stains from cloth.

Fuller's thistle or weed (Bot.), the teasel ({Dipsacus
fullonum}) whose burs are used by fullers in dressing
cloth. See Teasel.

Full"er, n. [From Full, a.] (Blacksmith's Work)
A die; a half-round set hammer, used for forming grooves and
spreading iron; -- called also a creaser.

Full"er, v. t.
To form a groove or channel in, by a fuller or set hammer;
as, to fuller a bayonet.

Synonyms: Buckminster Fuller, R. Buckminster Fuller, Richard Buckminster Fuller

See Also: applied scientist, architect, designer, engineer, technologist, working man, working person, workman

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