Definitions for: Fraternal

[adj] like or characteristic of or befitting a brother; "brotherly feelings"; "close fraternal ties"
[adj] (of twins) derived from two separate fertilized ova; "fraternal twins are biovular"
[adj] of or relating to a fraternity or society of usually men; "a fraternal order"

Webster (1913) Definition: Fra*ter"nal, a.[F. fraternel, LL. fraternalis, fr.
L. fraternus, fr. frater brother. See Brother.]
Pf, pertaining to, or involving, brethren; becoming to
brothers; brotherly; as, fraternal affection; a fraternal
embrace. -- Fra*ter"nal*ly, adv.

An abhorred, a cursed, a fraternal war. --Milton.

Fraternal love and friendship. --Addison.

Synonyms: biovular, brotherlike, brotherly

Antonyms: identical, monovular, sisterlike, sisterly, sororal

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