Definitions for: Franciscan

[n] a Catholic friar wearing the gray habit of the Franciscan order
[adj] of or relating to Saint Francis of Assisi or to the order founded by him; "Franciscan monks"

Webster (1913) Definition: Fran*cis"can, a. [LL. Franciscus Francis: cf. F.
franciscain.] (R. C. Ch.)
Belonging to the Order of St. Francis of the Franciscans.

Franciscan Brothers, pious laymen who devote themselves to
useful works, such as manual labor schools, and other
educational institutions; -- called also {Brothers of the
Third Order of St. Francis}.

Franciscan Nuns, nuns who follow the rule of t. Francis,
esp. those of the Second Order of St. Francis, -- called
also Poor Clares or Minoresses.

Franciscan Tertiaries, the Third Order of St. Francis.

Fran*cis"can, n. (R.C.Ch.)
A monk or friar of the Order of St. Francis, a large and
zealous order of mendicant monks founded in 1209 by St.
Francis of Assisi. They are called also Friars Minor; and
in England, Gray Friars, because they wear a gray habit.

Synonyms: Gray Friar

See Also: friar, mendicant, Roman Catholic

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