Definitions for: Framing

[n] formulation of the plans and important details; "the framing of judicial decrees"
[n] a structure supporting or containing something

Webster (1913) Definition: Fram"ing, n.
1. The act, process, or style of putting together a frame, or
of constructing anything; a frame; that which frames.

2. (Arch. & Engin.) A framework, or a sy? of frames.

Framing chisel (Carp.), a heavy chisel with a socket shank
for making mortises.

Synonyms: frame, framework

See Also: airframe, arbor, arbour, baby-walker, backing, bower, brace, bracing, buck, buffer, bustle, case, casing, climbing frame, clotheshorse, coaming, conceptualisation, conceptualization, cornice, cowcatcher, deckle, derrick, doorcase, doorframe, embroidery frame, embroidery hoop, fender, formulation, fretwork, gantry, gauntry, go-cart, grate, grating, grill, grille, grillwork, gun carriage, handbarrow, hayrack, hayrig, honeycomb, horse, lattice, latticework, mount, mounting, oxbow, pelmet, pergola, picture frame, pilot, rack, ribbing, sash, sawbuck, sawhorse, stretcher, supporting structure, tambour, tenter, truss, undercarriage, valance, valance board, walker, wattle, window, window frame, window sash, Zimmer, Zimmer frame

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