Definitions for: Forelock

[n] a lock of a horse's mane that grows forward between the ears
[n] a lock of hair growing (or falling) over the forehead

Webster (1913) Definition: Fore"lock`, n.
1. The lock of hair that grows from the forepart of the head.

2. (Mech.) A cotter or split pin, as in a slot in a bolt, to
prevent retraction; a linchpin; a pin fastening the
cap-square of a gun.

Forelock bolt, a bolt retained by a key, gib, or cotter
passing through a slot.

Forelock hook (Rope Making), a winch or whirl by which a
bunch of three yarns is twisted into a standard. --Knight.

To take time, or occasion, by the forelock, to make
prompt use of anything; not to let slip an opportunity.

Time is painted with a lock before and bald behind,
signifying thereby that we must take time by the
forelock; for when it is once past, there is no
recalling it. --Swift.

On occasion's forelock watchful wait. --Milton.

Synonyms: foretop

See Also: curl, encolure, hair, lock, quiff, ringlet, whorl

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