Definitions for: Foal

[n] a young horse
[v] give birth to a foal, of a mare

Webster (1913) Definition: Foal, n. [OE. fole, AS. fola; akin to OHG. folo, G.
fohlen, Goth. fula, Icel. foli, Sw Lf?le, Gr. ?, L. pullus a
young animal. Cf. Filly, Poultry, Pullet.] (Zo["o].)
The young of any animal of the Horse family (Equid[ae]); a
colt; a filly.

Foal teeth (Zo["o]l.), the first set of teeth of a horse.

In foal, With foal, being with young; pregnant; -- said
of a mare or she ass.

Foal, v.t. [imp. & p. p. Foaled; p. pr. & vb. n.
To bring forth (a colt); -- said of a mare or a she ass.

Foal, v.i.
To bring forth young, as an animal of the horse kind.

See Also: bear, birth, colt, deliver, Equus caballus, filly, give birth, have, horse, young mammal

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