Definitions for: Flowering

[n] the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms
[n] a developmental process; "the flowering of ante-bellum culture"
[adj] producing or having flowers; "a flowering branch"; "flowering plants"
[adj] bursting into flower; "flowering spring trees"

Webster (1913) Definition: Flow"er*ing, a. (Bot.)
Having conspicuous flowers; -- used as an epithet with many
names of plants; as, flowering ash; flowering dogwood;
flowering almond, etc.

Flowering fern, a genus of showy ferns (Osmunda), with
conspicuous bivalvular sporangia. They usually grow in wet

Flowering plants, plants which have stamens and pistils,
and produce true seeds; phenogamous plants; --
distinguished from flowerless plants.

Flowering rush, a European rushlike plant ({Butomus
umbellatus}), with an umbel of rosy blossoms.

Flow"er*ing, n.
1. The act of blossoming, or the season when plants blossom;

2. The act of adorning with flowers.

Synonyms: abloom, anthesis, blooming, bloomy, blossoming, blossomy, efflorescence, efflorescent, florescence, flowerlike, flowery, inflorescence, lilylike, mature, orchidlike, pealike, petallike, roselike, unfolding

Antonyms: bloomless, flowerless

See Also: development, evolution, growing, growth, maturation, ontogenesis, ontogeny

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