Definitions for: Flora

[n] a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
[n] all the plant life in a particular region

Webster (1913) Definition: Flo"ra, n. [L., the goddess of flowers, from flos,
floris, flower. See Flower.]
1. (Rom. Myth.) The goddess of flowers and spring.

2. (Bot.) The complete system of vegetable species growing
without cultivation in a given locality, region, or
period; a list or description of, or treatise on, such

Synonyms: plant, plant life, vegetation

Antonyms: fauna

See Also: accumulation, acrogen, aerophyte, aggregation, air plant, annual, apomict, aquatic, assemblage, autophyte, autophytic plant, autotroph, autotrophic organism, being, biennial, biology, biota, brier, brier patch, brierpatch, brush, brushwood, bush, chaparral, collection, coppice, copse, cryptogam, embryo, epiphyte, epiphytic plant, escape, forest, fungus, gametophyte, garden, garden plant, ground cover, groundcover, growth, houseplant, kingdom Plantae, monocarp, monocarpic plant, monocarpous plant, myrmecophyte, organism, ornamental, perennial, phytoplankton, plant kingdom, plant part, plant tissue, Plantae, plantlet, poisonous plant, pot plant, rock plant, scrub, shrubbery, sporophyte, stand, thicket, tracheophyte, vascular plant, wilding, wood, woods

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