Definitions for: Flair

[n] distinctive and stylish elegance; "he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer"
[n] a natural talent; "he has a flair for mathematics"; "he has a genius for interior decorating"

Webster (1913) Definition: Flair (fl[^a]r), n. [OE. flaireodor, fr. OF. & F. flair,
fr. OF. flairier, F. flairer, to smell, LL. flagrare for L.
fragrare. See Flagrant.]
1. Smell; odor. [Obs.]

2. Sense of smell; scent; fig., discriminating sense.

Synonyms: dash, elan, genius, panache, style

See Also: elegance, endowment, gift, natural endowment, talent

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