Definitions for: Fiend

[n] one of the evil spirits of traditional Jewish and Christian belief
[n] a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause); "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject"--Winston Churchill
[n] a cruel wicked and inhuman person

Webster (1913) Definition: Fiend, n. [OE. fend, find, fiend, feond, fiend, foe, AS.
fe['o]nd; akin to OS. f[=i]ond, D. vijand enemy, OHG.
f[=i]ant, G. feind, Icel. fj[=a]nd, Sw. & Dan. fiende, Goth.
fijands; orig. p. pr. of a verb meaning to hate, AS. fe['o]n,
fe['o]gan, OHG. f[=i]?n, Goth. fijan, Skr. p[=i]y to scorn;
prob. akin to E. feud a quarrel. [root]81. Cf. Foe,
An implacable or malicious foe; one who is diabolically
wicked or cruel; an infernal being; -- applied specifically
to the devil or a demon.

Into this wild abyss the wary fiend Stood on the brink
of Hell and looked a while. --Milton.

O woman! woman! when to ill thy mind Is bent, all hell
contains no fouler fiend. --Pope.

Synonyms: daemon, daimon, demon, devil, fanatic, monster, ogre

See Also: demoniac, dibbuk, disagreeable person, dybbuk, enthusiast, evil spirit, incubus, partisan, partizan, succuba, succubus, unpleasant person

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