Definitions for: Fern Family

[n] families of ferns and fern allies

See Also: Adiantaceae, Aspleniaceae, Athyriaceae, Azollaceae, Blechnaceae, clubmoss family, Cryptogrammataceae, Cyatheaceae, Davalliaceae, Dennstaedtiaceae, Dicksoniaceae, division Pteridophyta, Dryopteridaceae, Equisetaceae, family, family Adiantaceae, family Aspleniaceae, family Athyriaceae, family Azollaceae, family Blechnaceae, family Cryptogrammataceae, family Cyatheaceae, family Davalliaceae, family Dennstaedtiaceae, family Dicksoniaceae, family Dryopteridaceae, family Equisetaceae, family Gleicheniaceae, family Hymenophyllaceae, family Isoetaceae, family Lepidodendraceae, family Lomariopsidaceae, family Lophosoriaceae, family Loxomataceae, family Lycopodiaceae, family Marattiaceae, family Marsileaceae, family Oleandraceae, family Ophioglossaceae, family Osmundaceae, family Parkeriaceae, family Polypodiaceae, family Psilophytaceae, family Psilotaceae, family Pteridaceae, family Rhyniaceae, family Salviniaceae, family Schizaeaceae, family Selaginellaceae, family Thelypteridaceae, family Vittariaceae, Gleicheniaceae, horsetail family, Hymenophyllaceae, Isoetaceae, Lepidodendraceae, Lomariopsidaceae, Lophosoriaceae, Loxomataceae, Lycopodiaceae, Marattiaceae, Marsileaceae, Oleandraceae, Ophioglossaceae, Osmundaceae, Parkeriaceae, Polypodiaceae, Psilophytaceae, Psilotaceae, Pteridaceae, Pteridophyta, quillwort family, Rhyniaceae, Salviniaceae, Schizaeaceae, Selaginellaceae, Thelypteridaceae, Vittariaceae

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