Definitions for: Feline

[n] any of various lithe-bodied round-headed fissiped mammals many with retractile claws
[adj] of or relating to cats; "feline fur"

Webster (1913) Definition: Fe"line, a. [L. felinus, fr. feles, felis, cat, prob.
orig., the fruitful: cf. F. f['e]lin. See Fetus.]
1. (Zo["o]l.) Catlike; of or pertaining to the genus Felis,
or family Felid[ae]; as, the feline race; feline

2. Characteristic of cats; sly; stealthy; treacherous; as, a
feline nature; feline manners.

Synonyms: felid

See Also: big cat, carnivore, cat, family Felidae, Felidae, paw, true cat

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