Definitions for: Fanciful

[adj] indulging in or influenced by fancy; "a fanciful mind"; "all the notional vagaries of childhood"
[adj] having a curiously intricate quality; "a fanciful pattern with intertwined vines and flowers"
[adj] not based on fact; dubious; "the falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties"- F.D.Roosevelt; "a small child's imaginary friends"; "her imagined fame"; "to create a notional world for oneself"

Webster (1913) Definition: Fan"ci*ful, a.
1. Full of fancy; guided by fancy, rather than by reason and
experience; whimsical; as, a fanciful man forms visionary

2. Conceived in the fancy; not consistent with facts or
reason; abounding in ideal qualities or figures; as, a
fanciful scheme; a fanciful theory.

3. Curiously shaped or constructed; as, she wore a fanciful

Gather up all fancifullest shells. --Keats.

Syn: Imaginative; ideal; visionary; capricious; chimerical;
whimsical; fantastical; wild.

Usage: Fanciful, Fantastical, Visionary. We speak of
that as fanciful which is irregular in taste and
judgment; we speak of it as fantastical when it
becomes grotesque and extravagant as well as
irregular; we speak of it as visionary when it is
wholly unfounded in the nature of things. Fanciful
notions are the product of a heated fancy, without any
tems are made up of oddly assorted fancies, aften of
the most whimsical kind; visionary expectations are
those which can never be realized in fact. --
Fan"ci*ful*ly, adv. -Fan"ci*ful*ness, n.

Synonyms: creative, fancy, imaginary, imagined, notional, originative, unreal

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