Definitions for: Explorer

[n] someone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)

Webster (1913) Definition: Ex*plor"er, n.
One who explores; also, an apparatus with which one explores,
as a diving bell.

Synonyms: adventurer

See Also: Admiral Byrd, Amundsen, Bartlett, Bougainville, Burton, Byrd, Cabot, Captain Bob, Champlain, Charles Francis Hall, Charles Wilkes, Clark, conquistador, Cordoba, Cordova, Cousteau, David Livingstone, diver, Flinders, Francisco Fernandez Cordoba, Francisco Fernandez de Cordova, Francisco Pizarro, Fremont, Fridtjof Nansen, Frobisher, frogman, George Hubert Wilkins, Hall, Henry M. Stanley, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, human, individual, Jacques Costeau, Jacques Yves Costeau, James Clark Ross, John C. Fremont, John Charles Fremont, John Hanning Speke, John Ross, John Rowlands, John Smith, Joliet, Jolliet, Kund Johan Victor Rasmussen, LaSalle, Lewis, Livingstone, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, Louis Joliet, Louis Jolliet, Mackenzie, Matthew Flinders, Meriwether Lewis, mortal, Mungo Park, Nansen, navigator, Otto Neumann Sverdrup, Park, Peary, person, Pizarro, potholer, Rasmussen, Rene-Robert Cavelier, Richard Burton, Richard E. Byrd, Richard Evelyn Byrd, Roald Amundsen, Robert Abram Bartlett, Robert Bartlett, Robert E. Peary, Robert Edwin Peary, Robert Falcon Scott, Robert Peary, Robert Scott, Ross, Samuel de Champlain, Schoolcraft, Scott, Sebastian Cabot, Sebastian Vizcaino, Sieur de LaSalle, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Sir James Clark Ross, Sir John Ross, Sir Martin Frobisher, Sir Matthew Flinders, Sir Richard Burton, Sir Richard Francis Burton, Smith, somebody, someone, soul, Speke, spelaeologist, speleologist, spelunker, Stanley, Sverdrup, underwater diver, Vizcaino, Wilkes, Wilkins, William Clark

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