Definitions for: Exploit

[n] a notable achievement; "he performed a great deed"; "the book was her finest effort"
[v] use or manipulate to one's advantage; "He exploit the new taxation system"; "She knows how to work the system"; "he works his parents for sympathy"
[v] draw from; make good use of (resources)
[v] work excessively hard

Webster (1913) Definition: Ex*ploit", n. [OE. esploit success, OF. esploit,
espleit,revenue, product, vigor, force, exploit, F. exploit
exploit, fr. L. explicitum, prop. p. p. neut. of explicare to
unfold, display, exhibit; ex + plicare to fold. See Ply,
and cf. Explicit, Explicate.]
1. A deed or act; especially, a heroic act; a deed of renown;
an adventurous or noble achievement; as, the exploits of
Alexander the Great.

Ripe for exploits and mighty enterprises. --Shak.

2. Combat; war. [Obs.]

He made haste to exploit some warlike service.

2. [F. exploiter.] To utilize; to make available; to get the
value or usefulness out of; as, to exploit a mine or
agricultural lands; to exploit public opinion. [Recent]

3. Hence: To draw an illegitimate profit from; to speculate
on; to put upon. [Recent]

In no sense whatever does a man who accumulates a
fortune by legitimate industry exploit his
employ['e]s or make his capital ``out of'' anybody
else. --W. G.

Synonyms: deed, effort, feat, overwork, tap, work

See Also: accomplishment, achievement, acquiring, actuation, apply, avail, causation, causing, commercialize, delivery, departure, derring-do, digging up, discovery, disinterment, disposal, disposition, effectuation, egress, egression, emergence, employ, equalisation, equalization, exhumation, feed, find, getting, going, going away, harness, help, hit, implementation, leaving, leveling, maximise, maximize, milk, mine, obstetrical delivery, overdrive, overexploit, play, prey, propulsion, put to work, quarry, rally, rallying, recovery, retrieval, running away, stunt, touch, touching, tour de force, uncovering, use, utilise, utilize, work

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