Definitions for: Explode

[v] increase rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner; "The population of India is exploding"
[v] burst outward, usually with noise; "The champagne bottle exploded"
[v] be unleashed; burst forth with violence or noise, as of an emotion or an expression of emotion; "His anger exploded"
[v] cause to explode; "We exploded the nuclear bomb"
[v] show to be baseless, or refute and make obsolete, as of a new theory or claim
[v] show a violent emotional reaction; "The boss exploded when he heard of the resignation of the secretary"
[v] drive from the stage by noisy disapproval
[v] cause to burst as a result of air pressure; of stop consonants like /p/, /t/, and /k/
[v] "I could hear rifles explode"
[v] destroy by exploding; "The enemy exploded the bridge"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ex*plode", v. i. [imp. & p. p. Exploded; p. pr. &
vb. n. Exploding.] [L. explodere, explosum, to drive out,
drive out a player by clapping; ex out+plaudere, plodere, to
clap, strike, applaud: cf. OF. exploder. See Plausible.]
1. To become suddenly expanded into a great volume of gas or
vapor; to burst violently into flame; as gunpowder

2. To burst with force and a loud report; to detonate, as a
shell filled with powder or the like material, or as a
boiler from too great pressure of steam.

3. To burst forth with sudden violence and noise; as, at
this, his wrath exploded.

Ex*plode", v. t.
1. To drive from the stage by noisy expressions of
disapprobation; to hoot off; to drive away or reject
noisily; as, to explode a play. [Obs.]

Him old and young Exploded, and seized with violent
hands. --Milton.

2. To bring into disrepute, and reject; to drive from notice
and acceptance; as, to explode a scheme, fashion, or

Old exploded contrivances of mercantile fraud.

To explode and exterminate dark atheism. --Bently.

3. To cause to explode or burst noisily; to detonate; as, to
explode powder by touching it with fire.

4. To drive out with violence and noise, as by powder.

But late the kindled powder did explode The massy
ball and the brass tube unload. --Blackmore.

Synonyms: blow up, break loose, burst, burst forth, set off

Antonyms: go off, implode

See Also: articulate, belch, boo, change integrity, change state, condemn, confute, crump, destroy, detonate, discharge, disprove, dynamite, enounce, enunciate, erupt, explode, extravasate, fire, fulminate, go off, hiss, increase, pronounce, react, respond, ruin, say, sound out, turn

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