Definitions for: Executive

[n] persons who administer the law
[n] someone who manages a government agency or department
[n] a person responsible for the administration of a business
[adj] having the function of carrying out plans or orders etc.; "the executive branch"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ex*ec"u*tive, a. [Cf.F. ex['e]cutif.]
Designed or fitted for execution, or carrying into effect;
as, executive talent; qualifying for, concerned with, or
pertaining to, the execution of the laws or the conduct of
affairs; as, executive power or authority; executive duties,
officer, department, etc.

Note: In government, executive is distinguished from
legislative and judicial; legislative being applied to
the organ or organs of government which make the laws;
judicial, to that which interprets and applies the
laws; executive, to that which carries them into effect
or secures their due performance.

Ex*ec"u*tive, n.
An impersonal title of the chief magistrate or officer who
administers the government, whether king, president, or
governor; the governing person or body.

Synonyms: administrator, executive director

See Also: administration, authorities, brass, Bush administration, business executive, Carter administration, chief, Clinton administration, commissioner, corporate executive, decision maker, establishment, governance, governing body, government, government minister, head, minister, organisation, organization, Peter Stuyvesant, Petrus Stuyvesant, prefect, Raffles, rainmaker, Reagan administration, regime, Secretary General, Sir Thomas Raffles, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Stuyvesant, surgeon general, top dog, triumvir, V.P., vice president

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