Definitions for: Evangelical

[adj] marked by ardent or zealous enthusiasm for a cause
[adj] of or pertaining to or in keeping with the Christian gospel especially as in the first 4 books of the New Testament
[adj] relating to or being a Christian church believing in personal conversion and the inerrancy of the Bible especially the 4 Gospels; "evangelical Christianity"; "an ultraconservative evangelical message"

Webster (1913) Definition: E`van*gel"ic*al, a.
1. Contained in, or relating to, the four Gospels; as, the
evangelical history.

2. Belonging to, agreeable or consonant to, or contained in,
the gospel, or the truth taught in the New Testament; as,
evangelical religion.

3. Earnest for the truth taught in the gospel; strict in
interpreting Christian doctrine; pre["e]minetly orthodox;
-- technically applied to that party in the Church of
England, and in the Protestant Episcopal Church, which
holds the doctrine of ``Justification by Faith alone'';
the Low Church party. The term is also applied to other
religion bodies not regarded as orthodox.

Evangelical Alliance, an alliance for mutual strengthening
and common work, comprising Christians of different
denominations and countries, organized in Liverpool,
England, in 1845.

Evangelical Church.
(a) The Protestant Church in Germany.
(b) A church founded by a fusion of Lutherans and
Calvinists in Germany in 1817.

Evangelical Union, a religion sect founded in Scotland in
1843 by the Rev. James Morison; -- called also

E`van*gel"ic*al, n.
One of evangelical principles.

Synonyms: enthusiastic, evangelistic

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