Definitions for: Etymology

[n] the study of the sources and development of words
[n] a history of a word

Webster (1913) Definition: Et`y*mol"o*gy (-j[y^]), n.; pl. Etymologies
(-j[i^]z). [L. etymologia, Gr. 'etymologi`a; 'e`tymon etymon
+ lo`gos discourse, description: cf. F. ['e]tymologie. See
Etymon, and -logy.]
1. That branch of philological science which treats of the
history of words, tracing out their origin, primitive
significance, and changes of form and meaning.

2. That part of grammar which relates to the changes in the
form of the words in a language; inflection.

See Also: account, chronicle, folk etymology, history, lexicostatistics, linguistics, story

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