Definitions for: Equine

[n] hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck
[adj] of or belonging to the family Equidae
[adj] resembling a horse

Webster (1913) Definition: E"quine, a. [L. equinus, fr. equus horse; akin to Gr.
?, Skr. a?va, OS. ehu, AS. eh, eoh, Icel. j?r, OIr. ech, cf.
Skr. a? to reach, overtake, perh. akin to E. acute, edge,
eager, a. Cf. Hippopotamus.]
Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a horse.

The shoulders, body, things, and mane are equine; the
head completely bovine. --Sir J.

Synonyms: equid

See Also: ass, Equidae, Equus caballus, Equus quagga, family Equidae, hinny, horse, mule, odd-toed ungulate, perissodactyl, perissodactyl mammal, quagga, zebra

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