Definitions for: Enzyme

[n] any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions

Webster (1913) Definition: En"zyme, n. [Pref. en- (Gr. ? in) + Gr. ? leaven.]
(Physiol. Chem.)
An unorganized or unformed ferment, in distinction from an
organized or living ferment; a soluble, or chemical, ferment.
Ptyalin, pepsin, diastase, and rennet are good examples of

See Also: accelerator, active site, ADA, adenosine deaminase, amylase, beta-lactamase, catalase, catalyst, cholinesterase, chymosin, coagulase, complement, Cox, cyclooxygenase, decarboxylase, de-iodinase, disaccharidase, enterokinase, fibrinolysin, histaminase, hyaluronidase, Hyazyme, isomerase, kinase, lipase, lysozyme, MAO, monoamine oxidase, muramidase, nitrogenase, nuclease, oxidase, oxidoreductase, papain, penicillinase, pepsin, pepsinogen, peptidase, phosphatase, plasmin, polymerase, protease, protein, proteinase, proteolytic enzyme, reductase, rennin, secretase, SOD, spreading factor, streptodornase, streptokinase, superoxide dismutase, telomerase, transferase, trypsin, zymase

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