Definitions for: Enlargement

[n] the act of increasing in size or volume or quantity or scope
[n] a photographic print that has been enlarged
[n] a discussion that provides additional information

Webster (1913) Definition: En*large"ment, n.
1. The act of increasing in size or bulk, real or apparent;
the state of being increased; augmentation; further
extension; expansion.

2. Expansion or extension, as of the powers of the mind;
ennoblement, as of the feelings and character; as, an
enlargement of views, of knowledge, of affection.

3. A setting at large, or being set at large; release from
confinement, servitude, or distress; liberty.

Give enlargement to the swain. --Shak.

4. Diffusiveness of speech or writing; expatiation; a wide
range of discourse or argument.

An enlargement upon the vices and corruptions that
were got into the army. --Clarendon.

Synonyms: elaboration, expansion, expansion, magnification

See Also: dilatation, dilation, discourse, discussion, distension, distention, embellishment, embroidery, expatiation, exposure, extension, increase, inflation, magnification, photo, photograph, pic, step-up, stretching, treatment

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