Definitions for: Engage

[v] get caught; as of gears
[v] engage or engross wholly; "Her interest in butterflies absorbs her completely"
[v] give to, in marriage
[v] as to represent; of legal counsel; "I'm retaining a lawyer"
[v] keep engaged; "engaged the gears"
[v] engage for service under a term of contract; "We took an apartment on a quiet street"; "Let's rent a car"; "Shall we take a guide in Rome?"
[v] as of aid, help, services, or support
[v] carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in; "She pursued many activities"; "They engaged in a discussion"
[v] as of wars, battles, or campaigns; "Napoleon and Hitler waged war against all of Europe"
[v] engage or hire for work; "They hired two new secretaries in the department"; "How many people has she employed?"

Webster (1913) Definition: En*gage", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Engaged; p. pr. & vb.
n. Engaging.] [F. engager; pref. en- (L. in) + gage pledge,
pawn. See Gage.]
1. To put under pledge; to pledge; to place under obligations
to do or forbear doing something, as by a pledge, oath, or
promise; to bind by contract or promise. ``I to thee
engaged a prince's word.'' --Shak.

2. To gain for service; to bring in as associate or aid; to
enlist; as, to engage friends to aid in a cause; to engage
men for service.

3. To gain over; to win and attach; to attract and hold; to

Good nature engages everybody to him. --Addison.

4. To employ the attention and efforts of; to occupy; to
engross; to draw on.

Thus shall mankind his guardian care engage. --Pope.

Taking upon himself the difficult task of engaging
him in conversation. --Hawthorne.

5. To enter into contest with; to encounter; to bring to

A favorable opportunity of engaging the enemy.

6. (Mach.) To come into gear with; as, the teeth of one
cogwheel engage those of another, or one part of a clutch
engages the other part.

En*gage", v. i.
1. To promise or pledge one's self; to enter into an
obligation; to become bound; to warrant.

How proper the remedy for the malady, I engage not.

2. To embark in a business; to take a part; to employ or
involve one's self; to devote attention and effort; to
enlist; as, to engage in controversy.

3. To enter into conflict; to join battle; as, the armies
engaged in a general battle.

4. (Mach.) To be in gear, as two cogwheels working together.

Synonyms: absorb, affiance, betroth, charter, engross, enlist, hire, lease, lock, mesh, occupy, operate, plight, prosecute, pursue, rent, retain, take, wage

Antonyms: can, disengage, disengage, dismiss, fire, force out, give notice, give the axe, sack, send away, terminate, withdraw

See Also: acquire, act, close, consume, contract, displace, employ, engage, farm out, featherbed, fee, fight, fill, flip, get, hire, interest, involve, job, lock, move, move, offer, politick, procure, provide, put up, rat, recruit, ride, rivet, secure, ship, sign, sign on, sign up, struggle, subcontract, switch, throw, touch, vow

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