Definitions for: Electrical Device

[n] a device that produces or is powered by electricity

See Also: aerial, antenna, attenuator, battery, bimetallic strip, board, brush, capacitance, capacitor, cell, circuit, condenser, control board, control panel, Cottrell precipitator, device, distributer, distributor, electric battery, electric cell, electric circuit, electrical circuit, electrical condenser, electrical distributor, electrical fuse, electrical relay, electrograph, electrostatic generator, electrostatic machine, filter, flasher, fuse, inductance, inductor, instrument panel, jack, load, male plug, panel, plug, pole, precipitator, reactor, rectifier, relay, resistance, resistor, security, security measures, security system, solar array, solar battery, solar panel, spark arrester, spark plug, sparking plug, suppresser, suppressor, terminal, transducer, transformer, transmitting aerial, transponder, Van de Graaff generator, Wimshurst machine, zapper

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