Definitions for: Edifice

[n] A building, especially one of imposing appearance or size.

Webster (1913) Definition: Ed"i*fice, n. [L. aedificium, fr. aedificare: cf. F.
['e]difice. See Edify.]
A building; a structure; an architectural fabric; -- chiefly
applied to elegant houses, and other large buildings; as, a
palace, a church, a statehouse.

Synonyms: building

See Also: abattoir, annex, annexe, antechamber, anteroom, apartment building, apartment house, architecture, aviary, bathhouse, bathing machine, bird sanctuary, bowling alley, butchery, casino-hotel, center, centre, chapterhouse, club, clubhouse, construction, corner, cornerstone, court, courtyard, cullis, dead room, dorm, dormitory, eating house, eating place, elevator, entrance hall, extension, exterior door, farm building, feedlot, firetrap, floor, foundation stone, foyer, gambling den, gambling hell, gambling house, gaming house, gazebo, glasshouse, government building, greenhouse, hall, Hall of Fame, health facility, heat, heating, heating plant, heating system, hotel, hotel-casino, house, house of God, house of prayer, house of worship, interior door, level, library, lift, lobby, medical building, ministry, morgue, mortuary, nook, nursery, observatory, office block, office building, opium den, outbuilding, outside door, packinghouse, place of worship, planetarium, presbytery, quoin, residence hall, rest house, restaurant, rink, shambles, skating rink, slaughterhouse, storey, story, structure, student residence, summerhouse, vestibule, volary, wing

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