Definitions for: Dweller

[n] a person who inhabits a particular place

Webster (1913) Definition: Dwell"er, n.
An inhabitant; a resident; as, a cave dweller. ``Dwellers at
Jerusalem.'' --Acts i. 19.

Synonyms: denizen, inhabitant

See Also: Alsatian, American, Aussie, Australian, Austronesian, borderer, cottage dweller, cottager, earthling, earthman, easterner, human, individual, island-dweller, islander, Kiwi, landlubber, landman, landsman, liver, marcher, mortal, New Zealander, Northerner, Occidental, occupant, occupier, person, Philistine, plainsman, resident, somebody, someone, soul, tellurian, Trinidadian, villager, westerner

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